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Yumyth Detachable Vacuum Sealer Make More Possibility

Dear Customer:


I am very grateful to us - Dongguan Yumyth Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. - long-term support, our company will participate in the IEAE Guangzhou International Electronics Expo (autumn), at that time, Asia will show you high efficiency, high competitiveness, The real value, smoked machine, kitchen scale and other small appliances, we sincerely look forward to your visit, waiting for you.More future exhibition will keep you posted!

IEAE Guangzhou International Electronics and Electrical Fair (Autumn)
Date: 2021-09-042021-09-06
Address: Guangdong - Guangzhou - Poly Expo Exhibition Hall (1/2/3/4)
Booth No: 2F26 (No. 2 hall)

Your arrival expects to give us some good references and proposals, our growth and development is inseparable from the guidance and care of each customer!

Let’s see there first what’s new we bring you there.

It's our Detachable Bottom Lid Vacuum Sealer VS6631. It has below excellent points:

  1. Basic Functions:Seal,Vacuum seal,
  2. Dry/Moist Food choice,Accessory,Pulse, Stop/Start
  3. Detachable Bottom Lid, easy for cleaning
  4. Continuous vacuuming without time interval  
  5. Built-in bag cutter on the surface
  6. Pulse function to manual control vacuum effect
  7. Selectable vacuum pressure(-60KPa/-80KPa)
  8. NTC Thermistor-temperature sensor
  9. TF thermal cutoff,guarantee safety
  10. Indicator guide light
  11. Best tools for sous vide cooking
  12. Food canister liquid bottle accessory vacuum

There are also many innovative products with patented designs on display at the booth.  Looking forward to your arrival!  

Yumyth Detachable Vacuum Sealer Make More Possibility