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Hey everyone! Welcome to Yumyth innovated recycle cooking channel. But this time,we are not going to share food recipe, today our purpose is for food freshness preservation tool vacuum sealer guidance. Vacuum sealer eliminates the air and the possibility of the aerobic bacteria developing on food.Comprising the goodness of food itself which is also do harm for our health.

Manual to hands free automatic vacuum equipment brings you more chance on choosing.

VS2201 in delicate shape size which can be store your cabniet easily.Improved low noise vacuum motor noise less than 65db. Motor wrapped by EPDM form significantly reduce vacuum sounds as well as prolong use lifetime.PULSE mode is quite friendly adapt to soft food items as sandwich,cookies,cake and more. Long hold the ‘PULSE’ button to continue vacuum process,loose it to stop program. It means that you can stop air sucking anytime in personally,maintain food original shape won’t be destroyed.

VS6605/VS6606 Roll Space options.Roll storage generally fit 28 in width bag roll dimension meet most of home use embossed vacuum bag. Next to the roll groove is insert smoothly slid bag cutter. Pull the bag in needed size evenly,slid the cutter from one end to another,create seal only function to the bottom side and you will obtain a three sides sealed bag prepare for storage.

Another highlight is excellent humid mode. Smart air valve port shorten vacuum time of moist  or juicy sauce,therefore liquid won’t be suck up to bag opening before sealing. That is much benefit prevent poor vacuum sealed due to liquid factor. To better guarantee sealed opening we designed in extended pre-heating time.

It works by using a bag with the food to be stored inside; Once the flaps are inserted into the vacuum machine, a pump extracts 99.5% of air, and using special heated bars.

Yumyth Show Room