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How to keep an eye to identify your food safe or not?

How to keep an eye to identify your food safe or not?

Food is nutrient-rich and is the key to maintain people’s daily activities.
But what I would say is have you really consider ingredient is eatable or not?
Does it fresh or lose their value already?

Take a look and attent before put in your mouth!
Here let me show you how to identify.

Fresh meat with faint yellow color surface,on the contrary,metamorphic one lose elasticity,
press it and can not recover.With slight off-flavor.
Stale poultry with muddy and sunk eyes with loosen meat.

Eggshell with hard and complete powder on surface.On the other side,degenerative one sticking crack and spot,which indicated you should throw it or stop cooking.

New fresh milk is smoothly liquid form,No precipitation, coagulation and mechanical slag, no viscous and thick phenomenon, with a unique frankincense flavor, no odor.
Suspension element on old milk being thick even become massive after heating.

Fruit well-known with rich vitamin and dietary fiber.But seldom people notice their duration.
Local decay is usual matter in life,but most of us prefect to cut the rotting part only and continue eat it after then as they will feel quite wasteful if refuse to do that.That’s serious for our physical health since small harm may create essential change.

Illness always comes from the tiny careless,we are about to manager our fitness from mouth.

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