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How To Select The Coffee?

Coffee is a versatile beans ingredient because you can easily incorporate with most of dish. Grinding it into powder texture,mix with chocolate cream.Spread it on bread,even add it to meat steak. Roast the coffee then bake with cake or biscuit. New unique mellow taste happens! Different kinds of roast coffee will comes various of recipes. There are also flavored coffees such as hazelnut and vanilla even fruity flavor,it could subtly impact everything.

Hawaiian coffee taste is mild, smooth, this coffee should be with lighter spring and summer dessert to match;Coffee grown in Africa, on the other hand, tends to have a heavier taste and is suitable for hearty but easily digestible meals and desserts.Indonesian coffee mellow strong, suitable for greasy, sweet meals and desserts;Deep roasted coffee and espresso are more suitable for chocolate products.

If you are eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, it is best to choose Kenyan AA coffee, Tanzanian or Colombian super coffee, because these coffees are thick and have a refreshing and tart taste.If you're having something light for breakfast, like muffins, fruit, or waffles, opt for a Cup of Zimbabwean or Guatemalan coffee.

Generally speaking, western food after dinner is inevitable to eat some desserts, such as pudding, ice cream, etc., and China's traditional cuisine also has a little dessert after dinner, if you choose a suitable coffee at this time, will also bring you infinite comfort at night.

Light desserts, such as cookies or fruit ribs, work best with medium-strength South American coffees such as Guatemalans, Brazilian sandos or Mexican coffees.Sumatran manderin and Ethiopian Moka coffees are best served with hearty desserts.The dessert with chocolate is the most sweet and greasy, it is best to eat with a strong taste of coffee;Any chocolate dessert must be accompanied by a dark roast single or dark roast blend. The more chocolate there is, the stronger the taste of the coffee.The best accompaniment to chocolate-covered desserts such as the chocolate pie commonly found on the market is a blend of 1/2 French coffee and 1/2 mocha-Java.

Coffee with wine, spices, cream and cream foam can make an excellent dessert.At least one strong African or Indonesian coffee should be included in the deep roast blend used for this dessert.Because alcohol will dilute the coffee, it is brewed strong enough to retain its original strong flavor

Each coffee cook method represent personal irreplaceable life meaning.It gives us not only the relax time but most important is cultural precipitation.

How To Select The Coffee?