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Let Us See the Best Seller Of Smoking Gun Accessories

The Smoking Gun food smoker for home chefs and mixologists adds big, smoky flavor and aroma to foods and cocktails in just 5 minutes without adding heat. Great effect. Let’s check the accessories of smoke infuser to explore more fun with them.


  • Disk Lid - not even a single portion of smoke will be vanished! A specially designed mount perfectly keeps the smoke inside the glass and it makes possible to use different types of Smoking Guns and Infusers.
  • Dome (cloche) Lid – add a delicious smoky flavor to your food and drinks in just no time with this food smoker accessory. Grilled or sous vide meat, veggies, cheese, cocktails or salmon

  • Cocktail Ball is made from Lighweight Borosilicate Glass and glass Straw is included. It`s a perfect addition for your smoking gun accessories.

  • Many kinds of flavor WOOD CHIPS with cleaning BRUSH. Smoking wood chips include: Apple, Hickory, Cherry, Pear, Cotton, Peach, Oak. New day – new taste for your Meat, Fish, Cheese, Pasta, Whiskey, Cocktail - add some smoke to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes and drinks

Let us See the Best Seller Of Smoking Gun Accessories