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The Most Touching Gift

Each festival has its own characteristics, such as Thanksgiving Day, mother/father's Day, Christmas, girls' Day, a gift represents the sincere blessing of our hearts. Whenever the holiday comes, do you have any new and interesting gifts?


On Thanksgiving Day, thank family with a gift of warmth for their care all the time, they will be very happy!


Here's a heart-warming gift they won’t refuse: a food vacuum sealer.

A kitchen assistant that locks in health and nutrition at any time, extends fresh ingredients by 5 times, refuses all impure substances, and brings more convenience and comfort to busy people!


In the fast-paced society, it is difficult for people to cook a satisfying feast in busy time. More and more people pay attention to the healthy diet and nutrition, but they just put the food in the refrigerator with the normal bag to keep it fresh. However, to bring forth the new from the old, demand brings innovation, and innovation meets the demand. If you can send a warm gift to your family, companions, friends and colleagues at this time, their hearts must be touched by your sincerity!


Take a look at what it is! It can be divided into five points:

1. A capable vacuum sealer:

Almost all food, including dry, moist, oily substances


2. A vacuum sealer that releases hands:

Just touch button, easy to activate and operate


3. A well-thought-out food vacuum sealer:

Food patterns, speed adjustment, and even preserving picked food with canister are good news for foodies


4. A versatile kitchen appliance:

It is a helper for vacuum bag/roll, vacuum canister, vacuum wine stopper, and air valve bag


5. Yumyth insists on attention to detail:

Two suction pumps (up to -80kpa), large area stainless steel and ABS, high quality silicone sealed strip, removable drip tray for easy cleaning


Come and try the latest Thanksgiving Or Christmas gifts for 2020!Yumyth believes this machine will change the lifestyle you live and you may know how to have a pleasant life during the busy work!

The Most Touching Gift