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The tools of cooking can help you improve your cooking skills

Do you believe that sometimes the tools of cooking can help you improve your cooking skills?

Smoked meat has been eaten for a long time, and its popularity continues to this day. People started eating smoked meat to save food and to prepare food stores for the winter. But now, smoked vegetables have another purpose, people are more in pursuit of quality of life, and the enjoyment of the tip of the tongue.

Yumyth is committed to the principles of passion, integrity, innovation and positive energy to create a versatile smoker with a unique patented design that is rich in appeal. Even combined with the vacuum preservation function, set the functions of the two machines together, the cost performance of the market is higher than the traditional smoke machine over several times!

Is it really as good as it sounds?

What is a smoker? Smoking gun is a machine for smoking food.
Through the burning of smoke wood, the smoke will slowly penetrate into the food, bringing wonderful impact between the tip of the tongue and the food. The smoker is designed to improve people's quality of life, so that people can eat delicious, special food even on busy days.

  1. Smoke Infuser, What Food Can be Smoked?
We Can Accommodate More, Meat, Vegetables, Cocktail, Wine And Etc.
  1. You can smoke your food raw or cooked. 
Smoke your food well and then steam it. Add your favorite seasonings and it makes for an easy and delicious dinner. You can even use it on a barbecue, where the grilled food with a hint of smoky aroma tickles our taste buds.
  1. Don't forget the drinks and wines.
Smoke wafts through the air, and the smell of smoke enters the wine with the gas. Each bite is a different experience, intoxicating.
  1. The smoker is made of pure aluminum and ABS.
The oxidation resistance of pure aluminum is good, and the matt appearance protects the machine from scratch
  1. Three Speeds Meet Your Demands:
According to your own requirements for the concentration of smoked food, the smoker has three kinds of speed can be adjusted, low and middle and fastest speeds.
  1. A variety of smoked woods can be used:
Stimulating taste buds with lots of flavors: Apple, Pear, Cherry, Peach, Hickory, Oak, Cotton Wood Chips
  1. Combining the functions of smoking and vacuum
The patented convenient design: prepare the bag to pack the food before cooking, which can be stored more than 5 times longer than normal.
Simple way: after the food is smoked, add spices and use a vacuum seal to keep fresh. When it's opened again, the food is still fresh and meaty, but the marinade has sewn into the food, making it more delicious than normal.
  1. You can also vacuum wine & Vacuum jars:
Wine and good food never go to waste again.
  1. The smoker can be used indoors and outdoors because it can be recharged!
USB charging, 1000 mah battery and 10 hours of battery life are enough for you to use indoors or outdoors at will, perfect for picnics.
  1. You don't need to worry about cleaning because the machine can be easily disassembled and installed.
  2. Equipped with a complete use of accessories
Testing and use is very convenient and efficient
  1. Hot selling appliances for home, kitchen, restaurant and hotel, the best gift choice for friends, relatives and colleagues

Seeing is believing, contact me with a sample to try, enjoy a more interesting dinner