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Would You Like to Have A Picnic?Home and outdoor use food vacuum sealer is coming


Picnic essentials: snacks and hand-made snacks, outdoor activities such as badminton, fishing rod and other outdoor sports equipment.


Since it's a long day away from work, it pretty to go somewhere beautiful outdoors. But what if you don't finish the delicious food and snacks hand-made after a few hours of round-trip travel? At this time we know the importance of refrigerators, but how can there be a refrigerator outdoors!



Another small convenience artifact is a vacuum sealer!


A machine that allows each bite to retain its original flavor. The food that went bad a few hours after the trip was really hard to eat, and the trash bin was where it ended up.


The vacuum sealing machine is a small refrigerator at any time and anywhere. Connect the cigarette lighter on the car, put the food into the vacuum sealed bag, put the bag opening end in the vacuum chamber, press the both sides of lid and touch the key to activate vacuum and seal functions. In less than a minute, a perfect vacuum food package has been completed, feel free to play! Open at any time after hungry, every bite is the most sweet!


If you're trying to lose weight, put your food on the kitchen scale in a vacuum and know your calorie intake for the day without worrying about obesity!


So, bring the Yumyth vacuum sealer. A convenient vacuum sealer is needed for a beautiful journey!

Would You Like to Have A Picnic?

Home and outdoor use food vacuum sealer is coming